People getting mad conservative…

What is allowed by the anti-Pitti crew?

Apparently, very little that isn’t a sensibly - read not too slim - pair of pents, an OCBD, and a real ‘manly’ scarf tied in an infinitely sensible - read without much drama - way. I couldn’t be any more tired of a seemingly small, yet pervasive group of menswear-ists who can’t expand their mindset.

Alex – of MyPantolones fame – has a strong blog with a smorgasbord of pleasing content, and seems like a nice dude. I’m not really singling him out, he can look fresh, but a post of his got me thinking. He recently said the following on sprezzy sunglasses displays:

‘I know you want to show us that glimpse of Persol acetate, but would your glasses be a little safer if you left the arm in? Isn’t that the point of putting them in your pocket? To protect them?’

Umm…No, not really. Just as a puff of paisley silk peeking out of a pocket is aesthetically appealing, so too a tortoiseshell arm provides a point of visual interest. I could try and explicate why this is the case – perhaps it mirrors the vertical lines of the tie and the typically polished material of glasses plays of well against the often highly textured fabrics of tailored clothing – but that’s not really my jam. It’s absolutely fine not to like something. Just don’t pretend you don’t like something because it’s not practical. If that were the case we would all be walking around in ugly utility shoes with some sweet ass arch support, waterproof jackets (not of the steezey variety) and top pockets bereft of adornment. Oh, and on the subject of pocket squares, anyone who considers themselves a modern day Chaucerian knight and claims that their handkerchief can be used to come to the chivalric aid of a crying damsel in distress, really needs to familiarise themselves with some cultural theory. And fast.

Embrace the possibility of the outlandish scarf, the experimental headwear and the baby blue overcoat. You may surprise yourself. If you don’t fancy them, accept that it’s a matter of taste, not a matter of what is practical because, let’s face it, the very analysis of what’s occurring at a men’s trade show in Florence is hardly the most ‘useful’ way to spend your free time.


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